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Mesh Conveyor

Mesh Conveyor
Wire Mesh Conveyor


Mesh conveyors are mainly designed for the transport of piece goods of various properties, especially where the belt resistance to higher temperatures or to mechanical damage is required. They are suitable both for individual use and for installation in larger transport units, production and assembly lines. Conveyor design allows you to solve several line sections (bends, broken sections, etc.) through one drive. Can be customized into a light and solid construction made of aluminum profiles with modern design and ease of future scalability.


  • Conveyor can be customized to modular stations ensuring future Customer improvements possible.
  • Possibility to perform special technological and manufacturing operations directly on the conveyor (eg. blowing, degreasing, draining the oil into the tub under the conveyor, etc.)
  • Choice of four types of modular belt materials with different properties and areas of use (ex. food grade, oil resistant or adhesive, gray, blue, white)
  • High service life of the mesh belt
  • Various types of modular cells designed for a wide range of applications
  • If the belt is damaged, only the damaged parts are replaced (in the long run a large saving of financial costs)