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Chain Conveyors

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Chain conveyors
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smart factory chain conveyor


These conveyors can carry large size products with higher weights. The base of the conveyor can be customized based on application, drive and driven sprockets, sprocket bearings with double row spherical ball bearings for adjusting and tensioning the transport chain. Chain conveyors are known by its high performance and allow the transport of very wide or very long materials.


  • High load capacity
  • Possibility to transport very wide or very long materials
  • Due to the gap between the individual branches, it is also possible to transport materials reaching the level of the upper conveyor branch
  • Conveyors are customized according to customer requirements.
  • The possibility of incorporating other assembly or manufacturing operations such as lifting, item pop-up, rotating and safety inter-locking.
  • The possibility of replacing individual chain link section/s instead of replacing the whole chain assembly.
  • Conveyor can be customized to modular stations ensuring future Customer improvements possible.